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-- Currently Online Work --
www.matumusic.com www.aidelsalvador.org www.curj.caltech.edu www.mortonette.com
Matu, a bass player revolutionazing the LA scene AID El Salvador, a financial aid organization for underpriviledged salvadorean children and youth Caltech Undergraduate Research Journal (a student publication) [content manager allows the site to be administered remotely] Mortonette [a joint project with Grace Studio9, contains php/mysql applications]
[2006] [2005] [2005] [2005]
flash, fireworks, premiere PHP/MySQL flash, fireworks, PHP/MySQL dreamweaver, photoshop, PHP/MySQL

fleming.caltech.edu www.pc-macsolutions.com www.atp-metal.com tech.caltech.edu
Fleming House Website (my dorm at Caltech) [good sample of design work] A Computer Sale and Repair Company in El Salvador (belongs to a friend) [flash intro, dhtml effects] A Metal Rock Band called Across the Plains (my cousin is a guitarist) [simple flash intro, basic design work] The California Tech (Caltech's Undergraduate Newspaper) [small site, just a frontpage]
[2004-2005]  [2004]  [2004]  [2004]
flash, dreamweaver, photoshop flash, dreamweaver, photoshop flash, dreamweaver, photoshop dreamweaver, photoshop

-- Work In Progress--
coming soon      

-- Once Online Work --
pathofservice/ bahaisalv2/ nhsweb/ bahaisalv1/
Path of Service.com was a service for Ruhi Facilitators in Southern California (was at www.pathofservice.com) [colorful] The Salvadorean Bahá'í Community's Website
(Version 2) [design abilities were improving, 3.5 years ago]
The National Honor Society Chapter at the American School in El Salvador
(my High School: www.amschool.edu.sv) [simple]
The Salvadorean Bahá'í Community's Website (Version 1) [one of my early designs, 5 years ago]
[2003-2004]  [2001-2002]  [2000-2001]  [1999-2000]
flash, dreamweaver, photoshop flash, notepad, photoshop flash, notepad, photoshop notepad, psp

-- Never Made It Online --
Baha'i Youth Movement Website (the navigation is a personal favorite). [color schemes, changing navigation]
flash, notepad, psp

-- Flash Presentations --
flash/taiwan.exe flash/keynes.exe flash/barrios.exe
The Economy of Taiwan for my high school economics class [executable flash projection] Keynesian Economics for my high school economics class [executable flash projection] Gerardo Barrios founding father of El Salvador for my latin american history class [executable flash projection]
[2001] [2002] [2000]

Partner: Vesal Quintana www.pxl9.com/v